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Second TIDD For Lawrence Engineering

The lawrence engineering TIDD crane, on orange dirt

Lawrence Engineering recently took delivery of a Tidd PC28-2 from Baden Davis Crane Connection. It’s the second Tidd in the fleet, explains Managing Director Nigel Lawrence.

Lawrence Engineering is an engineering company located in Broken Hill serving the mining industry, water infrastructure, wind energy and rural sector with a range of services and a strong focus on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. 

“We bought our first Tidd PC28 in 2019, it was the fourth PC28 machine to come off TRT’s production line in New Zealand. We’ve been pleased with the performance of the Tidd which has improved our productivity as we’ve gone along. Recently we were in the market for a second pick and carry and we have been weighing up our options. 

“We did consider buying the MAC 25 and we were very close to going down that path. But I was talking to Anthony Davis at Crane Connection, and we were invited to visit TRT’s factory, and take a tour of the facility. 

“We were walked through the entire engineering and manufacturing process for the new Tidd PC28-2, and we were really impressed with what we saw. The visit left me far more educated about the Tidd machines and TRT’s approach to heavy engineering and manufacturing and in the end my decision was a nobrainer, we were going to get another Tidd,” said Nigel. 

Leading from the front, TRT continues to enhance the overall Tidd crane operator experience and performance. The upgrades to the Tidd PC28-2 are driven through TRT’s focus on continuous improvement, with consideration of industry and operator  feedback. 

TRT set out to make the Tidd PC28-2 the better pick and carry crane experience. The new upgrades to the Tidd PC28-2 stem from TRT’s continuous focus on innovation and actively exceeding expectations for its customers. 

These new upgrades deliver a better allround experience for the life of the crane. 

A TIDD PC28-2 Crane, in white and blue, branded to the Lawrence Engineering Colours

An additional three steps on the Tidd PC28-2 load chart deliver significant improvement when the crane is articulating. Image: Lawrence Engineering.

There are four key areas of improvement in the upgraded Tidd PC28-2.

Firstly, it features more powerful front suspension cylinders. This new system offers a greater lift capacity when articulated and working on a side slope, improving lift capacity by up to 17 per cent.

New steps have been added to improve lift control. An additional three steps on the Tidd PC28-2 load chart deliver significant improvement when the crane is articulating. So, for the operator, this means that, as the crane articulates, it reduces the rate of the load chart decrease.

The Robway Tidd crane operating software has been upgraded with improved functionality. This enables faster processing and greater control responsiveness for the Tidd PC28- 2 operator. TRT has always focused on the people working with the Tidd when considering advancements in technology for the pick and carry crane.

Finally, with operator and dogman comfort central to the design of the Tidd crane, this new model also features a re-engineered ROPS cabin. This has been tested with a measured reduction in cabin noise levels by 8dBa at 80km/h when on the road.

As well as these considerable upgrades, TRT has been focused on ensuring that Tidd customers and operators are fully supported for the life of the crane, from onboarding of operators to parts and service support Australia and New Zealand-wide. 

Nigel is impressed with TRT’s approach to the upgrades in the Tidd  PC28-2. 

“When I approached Anthony about getting a quote for the second machine, I asked him what sort of upgrades the new Tidd has seen. He gave me a list of improvements including the upgrade of the frontend suspension, joystick control and other cosmetic improvements including a new dash and much better air conditioning, all designed to improve the operator’s experience.”

“As part of the deal, Anthony and his team agreed to upgrade the older machine including the suspension upgrade to give us that better pick and carry on the articulation. We’ve completed these which have made the old machine a much better crane, with capabilities comparable to the new Tidd PC28-2,” he said.

A TIDD PC28-2 Crane, in white and blue, viewed from the left rear side branded to the Lawrence Engineering Colours

The upgrades to the Tidd PC28-2 are driven through TRT’s focus on continuous improvement, with consideration of industry and operator feedback. Image: Lawrence Engineering.

Nigel elaborates on the relationship he has with Anthony and The Crane Connection team. 

“We’ve had a working relationship with Anthony for almost five years now and this is the third crane we have purchased from him. As I’ve said before, he and his team’s service are second to none, they really do care about their customers.

“We have only just taken delivery of the PC28-2 and it pretty much went straight out to a mine site where we’ve got a shut down for the next week or so. It did a couple of little jobs beforehand, and worked well but this will be the first time our boys will give the Tidd its first real hit out.”

“Anthony and his team have certainly looked after us and we are happy with the levels of support we receive from Crane Connection. Just the other week they came down from Sydney and retrofitted the older machine with the upgrades. They didn’t leave until we were happy, until everything was completed and ironed out a few niggly little things.”

“When they left, everything was running smoothly. They provide a great service,” he said.

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