TIDD Pick & Carry Crane

Slew Safe: Turning the Corner on Crane Safety

After extensive testing, TRT have retrofit the first Slew Safe to an existing TIDD Crane for Universal Cranes.

Slew Safe is an innovative development for pick and carry cranes and does exactly as the name says. It allows the operator of the TIDD crane to keep loads within the chart. This minimises the risk of overloads, the risk of an accident or something more serious.

Why we developed Slew Safe

Since the inception of articulating pick and carry cranes there hasn’t been anything to stop the operator from picking up a load safely over the front on firm level ground and then driving around a corner having a slope, inadvertently moving into the “red zone” (i.e. outside 100% load chart). Articulation combined with side slope dramatically effects stability and can sometimes cause a unit tip over. This is a serious issue for the construction industry and results in several rollovers annually.

The overwhelming call from industry has been a demand to improve operator safety with this class of crane.  Many construction site management organisations are restricting the access of pick and carry cranes, and in some case removing them from site because of the serious nature of the risk of the load instability when operating on slopes.

Albert Smith, managing director at Universal Cranes agrees. “This is a long overdue and welcome safety feature we will be fitting it to the rest of our TIDD fleet”.

Slew Safe delivers confidence for drivers, dogman, crane owners and site owners, with improved safety, better risk management and duty of care. “Finally, operators of pick and carry cranes can operate with the same relative safety as slew cranes, whether they be on outriggers or crawlers. This is a massive step forward in safety and has been embraced by our customers”. Phil Chadwick, general manager, crane sales – TRT.

Slew Safe simply and effectively allows the TIDD crane operator to pick and carry a load knowing that they will be warned and steering restricted if they get into a situation that triggers an overload if the crane is in a position where it is operating off its chart.

“The feedback from the operators is only positive, and that gives us real peace of mind that this is a step in the right direction,” says Craig Welsh, service manager at Universal Cranes.

How it Works

It works very simply, and is displayed clearly on the crane ECU in the cab. When the crane is operated in the green and amber areas of the lifting chart, Slew Safe will remain inactive. Slew safe will activate when the crane in operation moves outside of the lifting chart and move from green and amber to red.

A warning is sounded at 90% of the lift chart to enable the operator to make the required adjustments to remain within the chart and avoid the risk of load swing.  At 100% slew safe is activated. There is a constant alarm inside and outside cabin to warn operator and dogman of overload and there is an audible change in the engine output. It will reduce steering to 15%, enough to park the crane safely, but not enough to continue working off the chart.

 “As with every other innovative safety feature developed, TRT has consulted with industry and developed a solution that truly makes the TIDD pick and carry crane the safest on the market,” says Robert Carden, TRT’s engineering director.

More About TIDD PC25

TIDD PC25 is the only pick and carry crane system with this level of safety. Other features include:

  • Auto side slope and articulation de-rating via Robway LMI eliminating the need for calculations by the operator on the job.
  • ROPS Cabin with FOPS option including full lap and diagonal seat belts, to ensure operator and dogman safety
  • Speed variable electro hydraulic steering and speed limiting to prevent “speed wobbles” at top operation speed.
  • ABS brakes replacing the conventional drum brakes for safer road-ability

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