TIDD Pick & Carry Crane

TIDD Crane: Leading from the Front

TRT’s focus on people is leading industry wide innovation and standards for the Pick and Carry crane in Australia. Cranes and Lifting reports.

Articulating cranes have been documented as causing serious harm to people. The construction and mining sectors are constantly evaluating their safety on sites, more recently restricting contracts.

Safety of these cranes is also a focus for CICA, with the release of a new operator information video in June this year. As the manufacturer of the TIDD Crane, this has also been the focus of TRT, from the first prototype on the PC25 in March 2014 to the new PC28.

We take a closer look at the history of the innovation from TRT in Pick and Carry crane operation and why challenging standard expectations in a market can improve outcomes for an entire industry. TRT believes there is always a better way.

TRT is open about the journey of the development of the TIDD crane from the first PC25 prototype in 2014, that launched to a mixed reception, the learnings and the successes from this journey, to the new TIDD PC28, which celebrated its first birthday in May 2020. TRT directors, Bruce and Robert Carden tell us more about the journey.

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