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Powered by the Cummins Euro 6 ISB6.7 Engine, the highest emission control diesel engine available, with up to 90% decrease in exhaust emissions.
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About the TIDD PC28-3G

The TIDD PC28-3G is a mobile articulated crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 28 tonne. The TIDD PC28-3G prioritises safety and provides superb roadability, outstanding lifting capacities, and unparalleled versatility.

  • Latest Allison Transmission with retarder providing retardation-style braking capabilities
  • Full power, 4 section telescopic boom
  • With a width of only 2.5 metres and a 44° articulation it stands out as the most manoeuvrable PC on the market
  • Small footprint to move and set up in tight spaces
  • 75% stationery chart and 66% pick and carry chart
  • Ability to road its own 2.3t counterweight
  • ROPs style cabin for maximum driver safety
  • Slew Safe® is a critical safety component that is included with all TIDD PC28-3G Cranes
  • Optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight available

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TIDD PC28-3G Features


The PC28-3G is powered by a 6.7-litre 320hp 238kw, inline six Cummins ISB6.7 which is certified to the world’s toughest on-highway diesel emission standard, Euro 6, which achieves near-zero emissions. Cummins designs, develops, and supports every component from the air intake to the exhaust after treatment to work as an integrated system – so every function is optimised better than other engine manufacturers.


The latest Allison Transmission now featuring retarder provides retardation-style braking capabilities.

  • The retarder delivers increased safety and control.
  • Lowered operational expenses from a reduction in repair and maintenance.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Reduced noise in urban areas compared to an engine braking system.
  • The transmission has 6 forward speeds. Speed Limited to 80km/hr.

Huge Lifting Capacity

With a 28t maximum lift on the lug and 27.6t on the hook block, the TIDD PC28-3G delivers outstanding lifting capacities for improved efficiency and greater lift options, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Moving from the stationary chart to the pick and carry chart is as simple as turning off the hold brake. You can now lift more and move more safely without compromise. Including more powerful front suspension cylinders, lifting capacity has increased by an average of 17% when articulated or working on a side slope and in some cases by over 40% in lifting performance.

The optional 1.1t Superlift counterweight will increase lift capacity.

Full Power Boom

With the 18.65 metre full power boom, a 75 percent stationary chart for heavy lifts, and a 66 percent pick and carry chart, the TIDD PC28 3G packs a massive punch. Made from Swedish high-tensile steel, telescopic sections one and two are fully synchronised and provide hook compensation. Telescopic section three is independently operated with its own hydraulic cylinder.

The winch featuring a single line pull of 4.6 tonne provides the largest capacity option in its class.

The Ultimate in Comfort

From the ergonomically designed forward mounted ROPs style cabin, with two-door configuration and ducted air conditioning, to the 150kg rated air suspension seats, 3-point safety belts, and optional refrigerated compartment this crane is designed for comfort over long hours, helping to reduce operator fatigue.

Focus on Safety

Designed to maximise operation safety, the TIDD PC28-3G will minimise risk on the work site and the road.
Inside the Cabin
  • Safety benefits include Dynamic LMI with a deadlock switch inside the cabin which derates the crane for pitch and roll.
  • Slew Safe® is a critical safety component designed to help prevent rollovers and is included with all TIDD PC28-3G Cranes.
  • Emergency stop buttons are positioned within the cabin and on either side of the crane articulation area.
  • 3-point integrated safety belts
  • ROPs Style integrated safety frame
  • ABS Braking
  • Air suspension seats for reduced operator fatigue
  • Thanks to its forward-mounted cabin featuring an elevated seating position, updated mirror arrangements, extra cameras, and expansive top glass view, the TIDD PC28 3G offers an expanded field of vision, whether you’re operating the crane, driving, or both.
Learn about Slew Safe™
Outside the Cabin
  • LMI bridging switch as standard, enables the TIDD PC28-3G to legitimately operate under EN13000 standards, which makes it the only pick and carry crane in its class with a 75% lift chart with a holding brake applied.
  • 1 Tonne capacity carry deck with restraint points
  • Remote emergency levers are located at the control valve bank to manually operate hydraulic functions in case of an electric failure.
  • A robotic-style cable is used throughout the crane with woven electrical harness protection in exposed areas to enhance durability and life extension. 
  • An optional, easily accessible spare tire at the crane’s rear ensures safety and efficiency during changes, manageable by a single person.
  • Optional Traction Air, TRT’s central tyre inflation system, manages tyre pressure to the standard 130PSI on all front and rear tyres, creating a stable lift platform and improving crane safety. 

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TRT makes upgrading your fleet to include TIDD PC28-3G simple and efficient for all operators and owners. TRT’s service and spare parts support, warehouse facilities, and network of experienced dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand are second to none.
Learn more
  • We offer recommended maintenance and service plans
  • We have a network of authorised repair facilities
  • We stock a full range of parts for service and repair
  • As the OE manufacturer, we guarantee our workmanship

All service requirements should be carried out at an authorised TIDD Crane Service Agent due to the technical aspects of the unit. TRT’s TIDD Dealers and Service Agents are selected based on their experience and knowledge of cranes and as importantly, on their commitment to providing a continued high standard of ongoing customer service and parts support locally.

Complete the first service after 100 operating hours and further services every 250 operating hours. There are also checks to do daily or weekly, generally done by the operator.

The choice to opt for a Cummins engine was significantly influenced by the outstanding Cummins Service Network. With 37 branches and 170 authorised dealers spread across the South Pacific, their support is unmatched.


As an OE manufacturer, we stock all TIDD Crane parts to support our authorised repair network across NZ and Australia.

We only use quality components in the manufacture of the TIDD Crane. These parts and components are also industry standard construction and crane machinery components to ensure the whole of life serviceability of the Crane, offering peace of mind along with all of the operating benefits when you purchase a TIDD Crane.


The TIDD crane has a standard warranty offering:

  • 12-month warranty on components
  • 5-year structural warranty

We have an easy to use warranty process, especially as you are able to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Contact us if you would like a copy of the TIDD Crane warranty.

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