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Baden Davis Offer ‘Try Before You Buy’ TIDD P&C Hire Policy

The Baden Davis Crane Connection, NSW distributor for TRT’s TIDD pick and carry range, is offering customers the opportunity to get up close and personal to a TIDD PC28 by hiring it on a short-term basis.

If the customer is impressed with the TIDD’s performance and purchases one, the cost of the hire will be deducted from the sale price. Anthony Davis from The Baden Davis Crane Connection explains more.

“We’ve been working with TRT and the TIDD product for 10 years and customers that have purchased a TIDD have had nothing but positive things to say about their performance. We are seeing customers return to buy their second, third and fourth cranes and some are upgrading their PC25 to the PC28 which is always a positive sign.

“We want more customers to understand why the TIDD is the safest pick and carry crane on the market, and we thought by offering this ‘try before you buy’ hire opportunity, we would enable customers to have the ‘TIDD PC28 experience’ before committing to the purchase of the crane,” said Anthony.

“We’ll rent the crane to customers at a reduced rate for a couple of weeks which enables the operators to get a feel for the controls and capabilities of the crane. If the customer then goes onto purchase a unit, we’ll take the hire cost off the purchase price.

“For us, it’s about getting bums on seats. TIDD customers are extremely happy with the crane and we need to introduce more crane businesses to the capabilities of the TIDD. We think this is a good way to achieve this,” he said.

The TIDD PC28 boasts improved features designed to help operators work more efficiently and comfortably on construction sites and on the road. Increased lift capacity and greater manoeuvrability in tight work areas, are the key benefits of the new crane. The TIDD PC28 is constructed using the highest quality components with safety a major focus in every element of its design.

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