TIDD Pick & Carry Crane

Operator Familiarisation

Enhancing your crane fleet with TIDD Pick and Carry Cranes becomes a straightforward and efficient process through our user-oriented familiarisation program, designed with your team’s needs in consideration.

TRT has developed an exclusive familiarisation programme for trained pick and carry operators designed to suit your schedule and location. The programme includes: 

  • In-person from one of our factory-trained experts
  • A familiarisation video with 24/7 access
  • Online manual access 24/7
  • Remote video with one of our factory-trained experts

The TIDD Crane familiarisation experience is delivered via the most suitable method for your operation and your trained operators. We have in-person or distance training supported by our comprehensive familiarisation video. Operator familiarisation is delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand by TRT and our dealer network, or further afield, as required. Our experienced and passionate experts can travel to most locations.

Note that some familiarisation may be required to be customised depending on your location.

Operator Familiarisation Video

This comprehensive resource is designed to assist your team in their crane operations, offering 24/7 support from our experienced TIDD Crane experts. Whether it’s pre-operational checks, operator controls, or safety procedures, our video serves as a valuable guide and reference. This allows us to provide virtual options for remote operators as needed, granting 24/7 access to this informative video online. We’ve even incorporated QR code links within the crane cab for easy access.

Important Note: TRT’s programme does not constitute a “verification of competency”, or formal crane operator training from a qualified training organisation. It is intended to support a quality crane familiarisation programme. It should be used in conjunction with physical crane familiarisation, prior to first time TIDD PC28 or TIDD PC28-2 Crane operation.

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